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My New Love!

The strawberry 🍓 one is my new test too favorite ! Toss some sugar feee chocolate In and it’s like a delicious dessert! So good I have to hide them from my kids!

Variety Pack
Denise Andorfer

Order 5569, two peanut butter and choc chip jars were bitter and tasted spoiled. One had freezer burn or mold on top when i opened the jar.

Product is fine. Non-existent Customer Service if you need help

I don’t usually leave comments like this. Product is good but if you have ANY issues with it, don’t expect a reply. I used to have a reoccurring order and didn’t receive it in October. Was charged for it, but never received. I made multiple attempts via website and email (no number to be found) to rectify as things happen. I NEVER received a reply/product/refund!!!

Outrageously delicious

I am in love with this flavor of Luv snack. I eat it as a mud afternoon snack and pick me up and as my nighttime snack. I think it tastes like a lovely cup of coffee with chocolate! You have a new fan!

Late order

It took a month to get my order and when I emailed to get information twice, no one returned my email

Variety Pack
Leslie Pelletier
Poor quality

Two of the jars had small cracks in them - so we did not dare eat them...too bad I was hoping to order regularly from you.

Odd aftertaste

Definitely some odd after taste and extremely sweet

Good taste and texture

The variety pack is excellent if you want to try all the flavors and then decide what you like. They all had really good taste and texture. I prefer the fruit flavored ones but that's just my preference. All were very good.

Variety Pack
Carol Suchlicki

I loved them. But I over ordered so I have them in the fridge and I’m spacing out eating them. We will order again.

Variety Pack
Perfect proportions

These perfectly proportioned breakfast bites start my day with the macro and micro nutrients I need for an active lifestyle. I loved them

Variety Pack
Deborah Hatcher

It is awesome. Fills me up fast and it stays with me

Variety Pack
Sonni O.
Super Food, super good, I super LOVE!

I have finally tried all six of my Sampler Pack. I have to say, that I was a bit apprehensive at first, because I don't normally like overnight oats. Wow, was I surprised! I tried them starting with my favorite, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip...the BEST! I moved on to Espresso Chip which took me a bit to get used to, only because I don't like coffee flavored food. Quickly became my 2nd fav. Wild Berry #3, Strawberries and Cream, 4 , Cinnamon Apple #5 and Peach Cobbler #6..All in all, they were great and I was very happy I tried them. Already re-ordered Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! Can't wait to continue the goodness and the flavor! The energy is a huge bonus!😊

Variety Pack
Suzanne Pimentel
Love these pre-workout boosts!!!

These amazing little jars have noticeably increased my speed/endurance on my morning runs! Thank you!!!

Variety Pack
Brooke B.

I LOVE these!!! They’re the perfect grab and go breakfast! I was shocked how packed with superfoods they were! And low sugar too! So stoked. The espresso chip is my personal favorite but they’re seriously all so good!! Currently ordering more!

Espresso Chip 6 Pack

Espresso Chip - 12 Pack

Mixed Oats 12-Pack
The perfect snack-able supplement!

Getting all the collagen, protein, superfoods, amino acids, benefits of oats in one small, ready-to-eat delicious jar is a game changer. I love that I can get my daily supplements in real food while staying full all morning.

Very good! Pairs well with strawberries and other fruits! Fills me up and keeps me energized for the day !

Variety Pack
Lami Audu

I love this lovely tasting snacks. I can tell they were made with so much love. I’ll place another order soom 😀

Mixed Oats 12-Pack
Jennifer Jacobsen

Mixed Oats 12-Pack

Variety Pack
Sharon Shaw
Luv them

Great convenience in a jar. I like cold Oats so this is great for me. Im not sure about the collagen benefits yets. Peanut butter Chocolate chip and Wild Berry are my favs

Tasty, sustains you til lunch

These are tasty AND filling. I notice that on mornings I have a jar (5am) and don't even think about food until lunchtime. The portions SEEMS small, but they are the perfect amount. I usually stir mine to blend all the ingredients. Tasty hot or cold. M to issuevwurh this product is chalky aftertaste. Initial bite, you go "wow" but the aftertaste soon follows.

Variety Pack
Toni Pagan
Awesome but expensive

Delicious BUT very over priced. I could not believe how small the jars were! Unfortunately out of my price range.

Variety Pack
Scott Stachowiak
Luv snacks sampler

I have tried three of the sampler offerings, they taste good, they seem good, still wondering if they are good for you.

Variety Pack
Sandra King
My outlook on your profuct

The size was okay but the flavor was more oat than anything else and I wanted more of the other flavors to be stronger. They are very filling though and made a nice snack.

Variety Pack
Sydney M
Glad I tried them

I didn’t expect them to be so small but I was pleasantly surprised at how filling they were! I expect more from the flavors, seemed to be very oat based with a hint of flavor. I hate Mixing collagen powder it was a nice different way to incorporate it into my diet!