Colloatgen Oats – A Professional Athlete's Best Kept Secret

Madison Pannell @mad.diison

“These little jars of Colloatgen keep me fueled all morning through my long workouts. The macros are on point and they taste amazing! Each jar has all of the superfoods and nutrients that I desire to have in my morning snack or breakfast without compromising on taste or quality. Luv Snacks have been my secret to kickstarting my daily routine off on a healthy note!”

-Olympic Weightlifter

They're the Perfect Recovery Snack.

Whether you're weightlifting, running a marathon, or working out a few days a week, exercising can cause massive strain on your body. Can you imagine how you were feeling after an intense work out? Your muscles can get so achy that you don’t even want to move, or it would only get worse.

Strained muscles can become inflamed. What makes collagen helpful for your muscles to recover is because it contains amino acids, proline, and glycine, which all have anti-inflammatory properties that can boost your immune system.

Your immune system is the first to response to injuries. With these amino acids and collagen’s high bioavailability, your muscles will be sure to recover faster. 

Aside from repairing damaged tissues, collagen replenishes the proteins you lost after a long and exhausting workout. Collagen protein can alleviate the pain that you might suffer from a high-intensity physical activity.

Colloatgen Oats Eliminate the Guesswork of "Healthy Eating".

Colloatgen Oats takes the guesswork out of eating healthy when you're in a crunch for grabbing breakfast on the go. Every jar is ready-to-eat (no preparation required) so you can do more of what you luv, with those who matter the most.

Clean Ingredients + Then Some.
They're Nutrient Dense

Colloatgen Oats check all the boxes with having +16g of protein, zero added sugars and being dairy-free and naturally gluten-free. Being tiny but mighty, every jar is sure to jumpstart your day with all of the proper nutrients your body needs to thrive. Interested in learning more about our ingredients and macronutrients? Find more information here.


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