Colloatgen Oats – A Supermom’s Best Kept Secret

Patrice Thompson @patrice_thomps

“My secret is simple; I work hard AND I have the perfect little protein packed snacks to keep me going! Seriously, it’s month end for this momma and if ya know ya know…Thank you protein gods aka Luv Snacks for making sure I have a protein packed ready to eat breakfast/snack/lunch lol dessert! {I mean seriously the peach cobbler HEAVEN!} If you’re a busy boss babe or have a house full of little homeschoolers and need an easy go to, Luv Snacks is a MUST! Did I mention DF, GF + 17g of protein?!”

-On the Go Momma of 2

They're the Perfect on The Go Snack. 
Colloatgen Oats takes the guesswork out of eating healthy when you're in a crunch for grabbing breakfast on the go. Every jar is ready-to-eat (no preparation required) so you can do more of what you luv, with those who matter the most.
Reuse, Reduce, Recycle 
Whether you're looking to save money, or you simply love to do-it-yourself, every jar of Colloatgen offers the ability to live a zero waste, and more sustainable lifestyle. Repurpose your Colloatgen Jars by filling them with your favorite spices, or pair them with your next charcuterie board for dips and snacks; Check out our favorite ways to repurpose your jars here! 
Kid's Luv Them.
Not only are Colloatgen Oats a superfood snack with all the protein and benefits, but it is also 100% customer verified to be kid stamp approved. With the sweetness that toddlers crave (derived from Monk Fruit), your little one will be sure to be begging you for more as their morning breakfast or afternoon snack!
They're Nutrient Dense
 Colloatgen Oats check all the boxes with having +16g of protein, zero added sugars and being dairy-free and naturally gluten-free. Being tiny but mighty, every jar is sure to jumpstart your day with all of the proper nutrients your body needs to thrive. Interested in learning more about our ingredients and macronutrients? Find more information here.
Packed with Collagen
Every jar of Colloatgen is packed with a full serving of the highest grade of Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides sourced from New Zealand. With mounds of benefits from improving hair, skin, and nails to strengthening joint health, this could be Supermom's trick to looking and feeling her very best! Learn more about why we love collagen here.


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